Easy And Effective Tips To Protect Your Skin And Hair From Harmful Chemicals Of Holi Colours

Holly is a festival celebrated across countries, cultures, and religions; further symbolic of what it stands for love and unity. Originally the colors used in Holi celebrations were made of natural, plant-based sources such as Turmeric, Rose, Henna. However, in today’s time, chemically charged colors are used. Such colors are harmful to the skin and for overall health as well.

Moisture Skin
Before step out for the Holi festivities, make sure you prepare your skin. Apply some oil like coconut or almond to your face. This will help to create a barrier and protect your skin from the colors.

Apply sunscreen
As we all know Holi is played during the daytime, It is very important to moisturize your skin with sunscreen lotion. Make sure you apply the cream at least 15 minutes before heading out, so it protects your skin against sun damage. To protect your eyes, you can wear a pair of sunglasses.

Oil Your Hair
A night before Holi, massage your hair with coconut oil. By doing this, the oil will provide extra nutrition that won't dry your hair due to colors. Later, this will also help the color to come off easily.

Don't shampoo
Avoid shampooing a day before Holi because it will dry your hair. This way the natural oils on your scalp can act as a barrier!

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