Simple way to curl your hair without a curler

If you have straight hair and crave for curly locks without undergoing any possible damage caused by a heating device, then we've got you covered.

A simple way to get beach waves at home is to scrunch your hair. It is simple and can be done easily. Here's what you need to do

When you washing your hair, make sure to use a conditioner on the hair ends to get a smooth hairdo later.

Dry your hair with towel and while your hair is wet, use a volume enhancer spray or mousse on the hair ends. Try to keep the potion away from the roots to avoid greasy hair.

Now, scrunch your hair, which basically means you have to squeeze and crush your hair upwards.

brush your hair from the roots to the middle section to get a neat look. If you want to your curls to stay longer, you can spritz some holding spray sparingly.

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